The way forward to improve municipal golf courses is slowly emerging | Politics

It seems to be changing. Lakin noted that city councilors who met with the golf advisory committee on Friday have visited the city’s golf courses several times over the past year.

“Fortunately, a group of advisors paid attention to the golfers who were relentlessly chasing us to show us around the deplorable conditions of our golf courses,” Lakin said.

Sidorakis called Friday’s meeting constructive and said city officials served us “well.”

His hope and expectations for the future are that the city will commit to providing funds to further maintain and improve the golf courses once the benefits of the $2 million investment become evident in the form of better conditions and more people visiting golf courses.

“Anyone who is going to put money of any importance or even anyone, for that matter, whether it’s a dollar or a hundred, or a thousand, or whatever, should know that his money is going to be put to good use and that it will be properly maintained,” Sidorakis said.

And to be clear, that means including funding for golf courses in the city’s future capital improvement programs.

“We’re going to be adamant about that. And whatever we need to do to speak up or raise their voice to get the golf courses, the four golf courses in the next fundraising campaign, that has to happen in my mind,” Sidorakis said. “We have to engage, because there are infrastructure things that need to be done that this money, if we raise $2 million, $3 million, will not be able to touch.

Michael C. Ford