These 2021 golf products are about to be replaced… Grab a bargain!

These 2021 golf products are about to be replaced… Grab a bargain!

It’s that time of year again, and all the major golf brands are launching the new 2022 product line, forming the best drivers, the best irons and the best golf balls you’ll find on the market for the season. future.

While the buzz around new gear is warranted, there are still plenty of golf deals in clubs, balls, apparel and gadgets that were released in 2021 and before. At this time of year, retailers want to sell it quickly at discounted prices to make room for new releases. Below we have a list of some of the best gear of 2021 currently available at great prices. From premium golf drivers, balls and shoes to the latest gadgets for the course, we’re sure you’ll find plenty to get your season started right.

Before we jump in, one thing to keep in mind is the custom fitting process on the hardware. As products such as drivers, irons and wedges are replaced, you probably won’t be able to get a custom fit for them. This is the biggest advantage of buying the newest equipment available, as retailers and local club pros will have complete fitting kits for the new product line.

A good custom fit means your clubs will be designed to work for your game and not the other way around. However, if you already know your specs, you can buy older products with confidence at great prices. For shoes, golf balls and gadgets this of course does not apply, and good deals can often be found on these outgoing products.

FootJoy Pro/SL and Pro/SL Carbon shoes review

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With the launch of the new 2022 FootJoy Pro SL, you can expect to see last year’s Pro SL and Pro SL Carbon shoes being significantly discounted at a number of retailers. We expect both versions to have significant price reductions over the coming months as retailers make way for the new 2022 version. The Pro SL moniker continues to be one of the best golf shoes without cleats on the market and, as good as the 2022 version is, there are some savings to be had on the outgoing 2020 models.

The same iconic silhouette features on both the Pro SL and Pro SL Carbon and you can expect brilliant performance from both. Grip on both 2020 versions is excellent thanks to the extra points of contact with the ground, even in wet conditions you can continue your workouts without fear of slipping or excessive movement. The Pro/SL Carbon is noticeably stiffer in all directions, ideal for golfers with overactive lower halves who need even more stability during their swing – but both shoes are excellent.

Read our full review of the 2020 Pro SL and Pro SL Carbon golf shoes and check out some of the best deals below.

TaylorMade SIM2 Max Driver

Is the TaylorMade SIM2 driver still worth buying in 2022?

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With the highly anticipated line of TaylorMade Stealth Drivers now available for pre-order, the 2021 SIM2 Max Driver has now officially been replaced. Covering equipment launches for a long time, we can strongly predict that the price of SIM2 Max will drop in the coming months. We discussed the TaylorMade SIM2 Max’s purchase value in 2022 and concluded that – if you don’t want a custom fit – it’s still a great option over the new Stealth range.

Sure, there will be fewer shaft, loft and head design options compared to the new Stealth, but there’s still a deal to be done on the SIM2 – check out the current best deals below…

Garmin Approach S12 GPS Watch

garmin approach s12 golf watch

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While we don’t think the Garmin Approach S12 will be replaced anytime soon, we’ve noticed its price has come down significantly for 2022. It’s one of our favorite GPS golf watches and it’s simplistic wearable technology and precise.

If you’re looking for a golf GPS watch that gives you accurate, easy-to-read distances to the front, middle, and back of the green, you can’t go wrong with the S12. There are also distances to the front and back of the obstacles on the course, so it pretty much covers all the essential numbers you’ll need.

Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoes

Adidas Tour 360 XT SL 2.0 Golf Shoes

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The adidas Tour360 ’22 was announced a few weeks ago now and we gave the new spike shoes five out of five stars. They’re available to buy right now, but we’ve seen the older Tour360 XT and SL golf shoes now come at an incredibly low price. The XT version is the spiked version while the SL has a spikeless outsole. As the new Tour360 is only available as a spiked option, the Tour360 XT SL is a great spikeless option at a heavily discounted price.

Titleist Vokey SM8 Cleats

Best wedges for chipping

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With Titleist Vokey SM9 cleats available from March 11, 2022 (and available for pre-order now), we expect the price of stock SM8 cleats to drop. It’s a great time to get one of the best golf wedges on the market, as the Vokey SM8 earned a rave five-star review when we tested it in 2020.

With the SM9 coming very soon, it will be nearly impossible to get a custom fit for SM8 corners now, and we strongly recommend getting a custom fit for corners when possible. However, if you know the exact loft and grind you need for your wedges, now is the perfect time to pick up a fresh set of one of the best wedges around.

Radspeed Cobra Irons

Radspeed Cobra Irons

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With the new Cobra LTDx irons now available for pre-order in 2022, the excellent Cobra Radspeed irons of 2021 will be replaced. In our review last year, we gave these irons five stars, calling them the best pound-for-pound game improvement iron launched last year.

The new LTDx irons have similar distance qualities and look just as good behind the ball, but check out some of the best deals on one of our favorite game-improving irons of 2021 before they sell out. ..

Titleist 2020 AVX Golf Balls

Best Low Spin Golf Balls - Titleist AVX

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With an updated version of the Titleist AVX golf ball launching on February 4, 2022, the remaining availability of the 2020 version is expected to drop in price to make way.

The AVX 2022 ball is definitely an improvement over the previous version as it offers a bit more control around the green. It’s a pretty soft ball, so if you prefer that kind of feel and need a lower spinning ball with premium coverage, then the Titleist AVX is worth a try. The AVX occupies a niche in the golf ball market and the more familiar Pro V1 is next in spin in the Titleist range. You can read our Titleist ProV1 v Titleist AVX ball test if you want to compare them.

Cobra Radspeed XB Driver

cobra radspeed xb driver

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The Cobra Radspeed XB driver was one of the most forgiving drivers on the market in 2021 and has now been replaced by the Cobra LTDx for 2022. The Radspeed XB was our favorite of the three heads that launched in 2021 because it was almost as longer than the standard head but even more user-friendly due to higher, more consistent rotation and increased forgiveness.

Buying a golf club that is about to be replaced means the option of getting a custom fit is difficult. However, if you know your specs and can find them, there’s plenty to do here on a forgiving but lengthy driver.

Michael C. Ford