Three golf courses we want to see in the game

EA Sports PGA Tour was suddenly delayed to November 2021 and we haven’t heard from them since. However, with the upcoming return of spring, that means baseball and the Masters Tournament are making a comeback to our sports world.

In any game of golf, there aren’t many things as important and intimate as golf courses. They offer unforgettable challenges and unique environments. The golfers have no defenders in front of them but they have several acres of land just waiting to spit fire at them like a dragon.

Although EA Sports PGA Tour’s the release date is unknown, at least we know some of the courses that will be in it, and that includes some masterpieces. Augusta National, home of the Masters, is in the game and graces the current cover. Augusta’s comeback alone is already huge after nearly a decade away (could be longer depending on how long that delay is).

You’ll also see other golf giants popping up such as The Country Club and Southern Hills, two of the top 50 courses in the world. Some favorites also go to them, such as The Old Course in St. Andrews and East Lake, as well as long EA PGA must-see, TPC Sawgrass, home to the PGA Tour headquarters.

But what other courses would be interesting to see? Chances are we won’t see one, but it’s always fun to dream, isn’t it? Here are three titles that would be nice to see in EA Sports PGA Tour (without order).

Michael C. Ford