Two Sioux Falls golf courses get liquor license approvals

Sioux Falls City Council approved a resolution Tuesday night, allowing Landscapes Golf Management to apply for and purchase the two liquor licenses the city reserved for them last month.

The amendment to the management agreement between LGM and the city is part of a series of changes to the city’s liquor licensing laws this year.

Don Kearney, the director of Sioux Falls Parks and Recreation, said LGM routinely receives requests for alcohol to be available for events, and local courses are “at a competitive disadvantage.”

The licenses will be held by Elmwood and Prairie Green golf courses, which will both have to pay the $240,646 fee for a liquor license for sale. If and when the agreement between the city and LGM is terminated, the licenses shall be transferred either to the city or to the new manager of the golf course.

After:Sioux Falls City Council votes to reserve two liquor licenses for city golf courses

With approval of the resolution Tuesday night in a 6-0 vote, golf courses will begin serving alcohol Sept. 1.

Landscapes’ Justin Arlt said the company expects to “conservatively” recoup the cost of each license in three to five years, following a question from adviser Marshall Selberg.

“After that obviously we see it will pay dividends and help,” Alrt said.

Michael C. Ford