USGA says LIV golfers could face tough road to future US Opens

June 15, 2022; Brookline, MA, USA; The tournament logo is seen on a flag above the clubhouse during a practice round of the US Open golf tournament at the Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Aaron Doster – USA TODAY Sports

  • The USGA will not make an automatic response regarding LIV Golf’s acquisition of sectional access to the US Open.
  • “It would be a lot of guesswork for me to know what LIV will be like when we discuss it a year from now,” Whan said.

Last week, the USGA made room for LIV Golf players to attend the US Open from June 16-19, saying it would be unjustified to change the measures.

Either way, Whan, speaking to reporters at the Country Club outside Boston, said players in the Saudi-funded breakout series shouldn’t expect to naturally have a let -free pass for future US Open competitions.

“The question was, could you at any time imagine a day when it would be more serious for people doing various things to enter a US Open? I could,” Whan said. don’t have a clue, but I can anticipate that day.

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Given that LIV, which has lured players with the commitment of huge sums of money, has just played one of the eight chances planned in its first season, Whan felt that it was too early to consider the likely changes. section rules for future US Open fields.

“Anyway, as we would any year, we’re going to redesign the terrain models. We would do it any year. We will study what the scene looks like.

“I had no intention of sending some kind of earthquake that will change everything tomorrow, but when the survey was asked could you at any time predict, obviously I could anticipate. Exactly what that might look like will depend on what happens to the scene.

LIV Golf, which is funded by Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund and has shaken the game to the core, has spearheaded development into the third major tournament of the year.

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The PGA Tour has suspended people who have joined to play with LIV Golf and said anyone else who takes the plunge will face a similar fate, but Whan thinks it’s ideal in case the USGA gets involved. would refrain from going to unusual lengths.

“I’ve seen a lot of things shake things up in the game, a ton of things, maybe nothing with that measure of clamor, don’t get me wrong, or that measure of subsidy behind it.

But I’ve also seen a ton of those things not be with two or three years, so don’t have a clue where this is going or where this is going,” Whan said.

“My responsibility is to continue to make sure the union is part of the game, and I won’t stop doing that, but at the same time I’m – – an opportunity doesn’t change the way I think about the fate of the Game. “

Michael C. Ford