WATCH: LET Player takes a fall at Aramco Team Series

We’ve all had embarrassing moments on the golf course. Whether it’s a missed tap-in or maybe a specific shot, there are times you look back on with a sense of embarrassment and humor.

For Chloe Williams on the final day of the Aramco Team Series – Bangkok, that proved to be the case, with the 27-year-old rolling back and crashing onto the billboards that surrounded the sixth tee.

What followed was some “sympathy” from his playing partners… sort of! but also a fantastically fun on-course interview, with Williams explaining the situation.

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Watching the moment on a phone, Williams can’t help but laugh, saying, “I just saw this! Oh sorry, that’s awesome! In my defense, the thing I came across is brown. It’s It’s like built in. Honestly, it’s great, but you know what, at least I can contribute some fun to the band and the day.

“Girls – I knew they were hysterical while I was over the ball and to be fair I couldn’t believe how quickly I could pull myself together and then I emptied it and I made the par! I told the girls it must have been one of the best pars I’ve done in my career.”

After the fall, Williams would finish tied for 52nd. In this position, you wouldn’t expect to appear on the event’s highlights reel, but all we can say is that Chloe captured the moment so well!

Michael C. Ford