What consequences can golf players face when supporting Gamstop?

All sites registered under UKGC using their license must follow the rules and regulations set by them. One of these regulations is the mandatory use of GamStop. GamStop is blocking software developed by the UKGC in April 2018 (United Kingdom Gambling Commission) which imposes a ban on online casinos for gamblers who become addicted to gambling.

Players or their family members may voluntarily enroll in GamStop self-exclusion programs. GamStop, like all other blockers like GamBan, BetBlocker and others, effectively blocks gambling sites for a chosen period of time. The period can range from 6 months to 5 years. However, players can still use betting sites that are not on GamStop in the UK continue betting on their favorite sports. Bettors can reissue the program, but bettors can never access the sites until their exclusion period ends.

UKGC and GamStop are promoters of responsible gaming and offer partnership agreements to golf clubs and golf players. GamStop has already entered into partnership agreements with a few golf clubs, football clubs and players.

While the partnership may be good for their image, the profit from the deal is questionable. For example, they are losing sponsorship from the huge gaming world and are still looking for grants and funds to support the club.

Lack of sponsorships

It is essential to understand that GamStop is not against gambling. Instead, it helps bettors who have become addicted to gambling. The self-exclusion programs provided by GamStop help problem gamblers suppress their urge to player. Compulsive gambling is not suitable for gamblers or their families because it lures them into endless debt.

Gambling site operators profit from the bettor’s excessive gambling habits. The more they lose, the more profit the company makes. Thus, it is undeniable that uncontrolled gambling is a favorable phenomenon for gambling companies. GamStop prevents rampant gambling through its responsible gambling programs. Thus, Gamstop and online casinos cannot go together in the case of sponsorship agreements. On the other hand, each of the licensing authorities such as UKGC, Malta and Curacao have made responsible gambling mandatory.

Although many operators disagree, casino operators are not expected to sponsor a golf player who already supports blockers such as GamStop.

The gaming industry and the sports industry have almost merged. Various gambling sites and online casinos sponsor most sports clubs and players. Today, the gaming industry is worth $465,763.9. It invests millions of US dollars in sports to promote its casinos and especially betting and sports betting. A partnership with GamStop could mean the loss of all those sponsorship offers, as no other industry drains as much money as the gaming industry from sports.

Lack of funds for golf clubs

Golf is one of the most popular gaming watches in the UK. Gambling companies support players and golf clubs by offering various offers such as sponsorship, partnership agreements, promotional offers and additional funds for golf club development. Gambling companies sponsor a golf team by investing each member, their expenses, practice matches, etc. They pay for the maintenance and development of the team. What do they get in return? Gaming sites have their logos printed on everything from jerseys to water bottles to game banners. This way they get a promotion when the game is live. When reputable golf players play the game wearing the logo of an online casino, the site receives popularity and a trust factor from golf fans. Fans tend to be convinced to use a product if their favorite player advertises it.

Supporting GamStop could result in the termination of partnership agreements with gaming companies. Soon golf clubs would run out of money to hold any event or train a player.

Constant need for new sponsors

If golf players started to show their support for GamStop and responsible gambling, casinos would soon decline any sponsorship offers with players or their club. golf clubs and organizations supporting GamStop could be a critical decision as it is difficult today to get sponsors in the sports industry other than casinos. Once a club decides to partner with GamStop for their anti-problem gambling program, sponsorship deals with gambling companies will eventually come to an end.

Soon clubs would be forced to constantly beg for sponsorship deals. No company in the gaming industry would be interested in sponsoring a club that supports something that could harm their own business. So, if they don’t get enough sponsors, clubs would have to sell their talented players to other clubs for money. They would soon need to buy other players to fill the positions. Once the club players were replaced, the team would no longer be able to perform as well as the main unit. This would mean that well-known clubs would lose to other teams in leagues and championships. Soon the downfall of the club would be obvious to the public.


Various business transactions such as sponsorship, partnership, promotions, etc., run the sports industry. The main investors in the sports industry are gaming companies, as sports betting is an important feature of their online casinos. Paris and Sports go hand in hand on today’s date. So supporting GamStop might cost more than golf players might imagine.

Michael C. Ford