Women’s Golf Coaches on What’s Changed, What’s Still Needed

Ole Miss head coach Kory Henkes celebrates with her husband, Kenneth, after defeating Oklahoma State in the 2022 NCAA Women’s Golf Championship at Grayhawk Golf Club. (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

What has changed since your college years? When it comes to tournaments, we always do the same thing. We haven’t received all the elaborate gifts they are receiving now. We didn’t have the events on television – the Darius Rucker, the conference championship, the national championship. He has grown a lot since we were at school.

The clothes have become 10 times better. We no longer wear three-ply pants and men’s golf shirts. Equipment has come a long way. You see players hitting much farther. I think my driver was the size of some of their hybrids.

Even the way they train with their strength and conditioning coaches. We didn’t have that growing up. You had a swing trainer, but you pulled out that big VHS camera, put the big tape in, took it out, and watched it on the blurry TV screen. It wasn’t give-me-an-answer now.

What else needs to be changed? I just think it’s come so far. When you go pro, it would be nice to see more equality in the pro ranks with the scholarships players receive. …I’ve read about girls having to pay for their clubs when they turn pro. If this is the truth, this absolutely must change.

Michael C. Ford